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Website Development

We believe that web design is a fine blend of creativity & engineering.

We are constantly innovating and experimenting with the latest technologies like Server side rendering, Static site generation and Headless CMSs to make websites aesthetic, fast, customizable, secure and optimized for search engine performance.

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Content Management System(CMS)

A cms allows site managers and editors to edit website content without having to write code.

This makes things like uploading a blog article, uploading pictures to the gallery or updating the home page of a website easy.

Website Performance

By using

  • Modern & cutting edge front end libraries(ReactJS)
  • Server side rendering
  • Static site generation
  • Global content delivery networks

we are able to build websites that are highly performant in terms of speed and search presence.

Search Engine Optimization(SEO)

Through responsive design, high coding standards, and content management system, we are able to provide a solid base for the growth of a website's online presence.

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